How do I? Oh no... What just happened?

Questions we hear all to often. Whether you are a casual user or a home based business, the computer can be the scariest or most frustrating piece of equipment you own.

We can help!

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What We Do

Performance, Stability, State Of The Art. No Compromise


Our Services

We do it all...
  • Creative Computing Solutions and Services
    for Home Offices and Small to Medium Sized Businesses.

    In the ever expanding world of technology, few companies provide the necessary design, support, and training services for their computing environments. This has created a tremendous gap for end users. Integrated solutions are not readily available from internal IT organizations nor from the mainstream systems integrators. At ComputerGuys we strive to solve these issues and provide customers with a viable avenue for obtaining Cost Effective technology solutions for their specific business needs. The recommendations we make are based upon a complete evaluation of the client’s infrastructure and our experience in the real world. There are many independent contractors, consultants, and support providers but few who take the “one stop” holistic approach that we embrace at The ComputerGuys.

    Services include:
    Hardware/software support for both the Mac and PC
    Productivity and operational enhancements
    Education and Training on the latest software/Devices.
    System/Network/Telecom design and implementation
    System/Network/Telecom analysis and troubleshooting

    At ComputerGuys of the Keys we have over 30 years of experience in the Mac/PC computing environments. Our clients and professional histories cover a broad range of business markets from Citigroup, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Sony Entertainment, Time Warner, Random House, The School of Visual Arts, Manhattanville College in fact, far too many to list them all!
    We know all types of business and will set our focus and expertise on your business and its needs.

  • In Home Service From Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guys…

    That’s right, in home service! No more do you need to unplug all your stuff and haul it to a service facility (office depot etc..). WE COME TO YOU!

    If your computer is slow, unresponsive or just not living up to your expectations, give us a call. Most of the time all that is required is a simple cleanup or a memory upgrade. As we ask more and more from our technology, it asks more of us! While we fill up our devices with family photos, music, videos, artwork, documents and such, they slow down and require periodic maintenance. Not to mention all those files could use a little organization to make things easier to find and share and most importantly BACK UP!

    This is where we come in. Not only can we take care of the tech, but we also take care of YOU! With every support or service call we include some education. That’s right, not only do we solve the problems but we show you how to avoid the pitfalls that can ruin your computing experience and put you back in the same bind.

    Now we do not promise to make you an Einstein of computing in 15 minutes, but the tips we give on every call can set you on the right path and help keep you steer clear of those “computing woods”.

    We have the best rates anywhere! If your computer has to come in for repairs, we pick it up and deliver it back home!

    We also offer 1 on 1 education to kick you up to the next level and get you on the road to becoming that Einstein. Whatever your problem or need, we are here to help.

  • Email And The Web Made Simple!

    Business Class Email Hosting At It’s Finest!

    Powerful, professional hosted email @ your domain. Access email from any email client, your mobile, or webmail.We specialize in the day-to-day management of your email services so you can get business done. We simplify things by offering email hosting services that are designed to meet your business needs. With a minimum of cost per user/mailbox, you can communicate securely, efficiently and with piece of mind.

    Personal Secure Email At Last!

    Now anyone can enjoy the benefits of private, secure, business class email! We are proud to introduce! For less than the price of a decent cup of coffee, you can have and have the satisfaction of knowing that your communications  “Are Yours Alone”. Be as free as you can from the BigBox email services that sell out your information, remember, For Locals BY Locals!

    Web Design and Hosting.

    Whether you need a fresh start on the web, or looking to revamp a site, we can get you to that next level!

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